Player for YouTube

TubeG Player for YouTube helps you watch your favorite movies, conferences or walkthrough browser-free. With extensions you can click to open it in new, small window with native player. Available for Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Just click or drag & drop YouTube link and enjoy browser-free watching!

Do you want to watch your favorite videos from YouTube in a separate window and adjust its size? Yes, we want it too and now it's available. Browser window is too big, when you want to do something else you have to change size, hide toolbars etc. Now you can easily open new video link.


  • Quality: HD4320p (8K), HD2160p (4K), HD1440p, HD1080p, HD720p, Medium, Small and 60 FPS
  • Parser with support more popular pages (Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, CNN and more than 500 other...)
  • Get YouTube video from every page
  • Support vevo, live streaming, possibility to enter mp4 video url
  • Launch on startup
  • Keep player windows on top + only while playing
  • Play video automatically
  • Set your own dimensions
  • Set default window position
  • Change player controls style in preferences (3 options)
  • Beautiful & clean title bar (auto show/hide)
  • Global shortcut to open popover (window)
  • Dark & Light Theme
  • Set window shadow
  • Custom seek time in preferences
  • Original size in preferences & right click menu
  • Aspect ratio when resize in preferences & right click menu + Default, 4:3, 14:9, 16:9, 21:9
  • Change opacity
  • Full screen mode
  • Support web browsers extensions (just single click to open video)
  • App Nap
  • Shortcuts
  • Notifications
  • Show related at the end of movie
  • Open in Full Screen mode after open window
  • Support multiple windows (you can paste or drag&drop multiple links)


Player for YouTube - beautiful and clean player

Player for YouTube - change player controls style

Player for YouTube - easily resize

Player for YouTube - Stay on top in full screen apps

Player for YouTube - Extensions, opacity, quality, low cpu usage

Player for YouTube - Preferences

Player for YouTube - Drag and drop

Player for YouTube - double-click to enter full screen mode

More than 80% lower cpu usage than Safari

Testing conducted by Elite Bits in December 2013 using 15‑inch 2.2 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7–based MacBook Pro unit with 500 GB flash storage.

When you should buy:

- if you want keep your workflow clean while listening/watching videos
- if you have big screen or more than one screen
- if you want to watch conferences or walkthrough videos while doing something else
- if you want run faster your web browser
- if you want play native with lower cpu usage

Only for Mac

TubeG is built with the most modern Mac OS X technology

Mac App Store

Mac App Store is the best way to purchase software for Mac, with free updates and easy refunding

Core Audio & Video

Build on best native framework to deliver fast performance

AV Kit

TubeG is built with recommended by Apple video player, framework is built on AV Foundation

Multiple Displays

Play your favorite videos on second screen in full screen mode

Modern OS

We always enjoy new technologies and looking forward to experiment and implement it in TubeG


TubeG support the notification center to handle errors

Arc 64 Bit

Built From the ground with the most modern api to increase performance and reliability

Energy Saving

TubeG support App Nap, optimized for minimal power consumption

Available for Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Download not available

Pro Features

  • Notifications for new subscribed videos
  • Click on notification to open YouTube video
  • Search with autocomplete
  • Search randomly when the length equals 0
  • Filter advanced options for search
  • Little pull down to load more (pagination) or refresh playlists menu
  • Local playlist (works without an account)
  • Trending, What to watch
  • Channels, playlists, subscriptions (sign in with Goggle+ account)
  • Manage YouTube playlist & channel items (add, remove, vote)
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Remember, where the video was stopped & percentage watched the video
More information - TubeG Pro

Download not available

Language: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish

What People are Saying

  • Fantastic
    Great video player, highly customizable. I really like the integration with safari (extension). Thanks
  • steli14 [translate]
  • great app
    I think this app is great. I like to watch videos while I work and use this app whenever I want to watch something on youtube without having to keep my browser open to the page. It is very easy to use and the option to float the player on top is key. I would reccommend this to anyone who is in need of a standalone youtube player.
  • Rob Vector [translate]
  • Ótimo!
    Excelentes app e suporte. Deveria estar nos destaques da App Store. Extremamente versátil, flutua sobre todas as telas, inclusive sobre apps em full screen. Dica: Invista direto na versão Pro, porque inveitavelmente você irá desejar tê-la!
  • Sanfm12 [translate]
  • Excellent App
    This app does what it says. I use it many times a day to watch movies and even short videos. I have had no problems.
  • Dingledagger [translate]
  • I love this app! Only one click in Safari and I can watch on the top of every fullscreen app.
  • MichaelR3935 [translate]
  • A handy and smooth-running application that enables you to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos as you take care of your daily tasks
  • George Popescu [translate]
  • I can work and my kid is watching cartoons
  • Il007 [translate]
  • Nützliche App
    Die App hat was in sich, besonders Erweiterung fürs Safari (es gibt auch für den Chrome) hat mir zugesprochen. Die auch einbahnfrei funktioniert, kurzum: meine Empfehlung!
  • Jakob1976 [translate]
  • Muito bom!
    Excelente app, já não consigo mais ficar sem! Tem um conjunto espetacular de funções, apesar de algumas falhas.
  • Sanfm12 [translate]
  • Наконец-то Youtube стало приятно смотреть
    Если вам надоела реклама на ютубе, кривые тормозящие и жрущие батарею ноутбука проигрыватели Flash и HTML5, берите это приложение, все открывается в красивом нативном окне и работает отлично (кстати и в Yosemite тоже). Можно и настройки качества выбрать, и видео кешируется как положено, а не грузится заново, как только переключил на другой момент ролика. Русский язык тоже есть. Писал разработчику, и он в новой версии расширения для браузера сделает возможность открывать все youtube ссылки автоматически в этом приложениию без необхдимости копировать/вставлять адрес видео или даже нажимать на кнопочку! В общем, после долгих поисков и мучений решил для себя проблему удобства ютуба раз и навсегда, чего и вам желаю ;)
  • schrodingercat [translate]

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