TCleaner Pro - 轻松将剪贴板更改为纯文本

TCleaner Pro是一款实用的文本处理工具,可将复制的文本转换为纯文本。您只需复制和粘贴,剩下的工作交给TCleaner Pro来处理。macOS 10.9 或更高版本. Ready for macOS Monterey

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TCleaner Pro是一款实用的文本处理工具,可将复制的文本转换为纯文本。当粘贴网页、电子邮件、文档或演示文稿的文本时,可瞬间去除不想要的格式。可消除剪贴板文本的所有格式,如:颜色、字体大小、样式、表格、超链接、图片等 - 只留下纯文本。您只需复制和粘贴,剩下的工作交给TCleaner Pro来处理。


TCleaner Pro - sort and remove duplicates never been so easy

TCleaner Pro - find and replace with support for regular expressions

TCleaner Pro - everything with a single copy and paste; statistics, profiles

TCleaner Pro - fix hundreds lines with your pattern and preferences

TCleaner Pro - how to use it


  • Profiles (multiple configurations)
  • Stay on top
  • 可删除所有格式
  • 可自动调用或使用键盘快捷键
  • 可对所有功能自定义快捷键
  • 分类: A-Z (Aa-Zz/aA-zZ), Z-A (zZ-aA/Zz-Aa), A-Z (aA-zZ), Z-A (Zz-Aa), A-Za-z, z-aZ-A, 反向, 随机
  • 删除重复 (回车, ".", ". ", ",", ", ", ";", "; ", "    " (tab), 自定义分隔符)
  • 统计 (字符, 空格, 单词, 段落)
  • 将多个空格改为单空格
  • 将多个制表符改为单个制表符
  • 将制表符更改为4个空格/将4个空格更改为制表符
  • 将3个点更改为省略号/将省略号更改为3个点
  • 删除句点前的空格
  • 删除制表符前/后的空格
  • 删除回车前/后的空格
  • 删除所有空格
  • 删除所有制表符
  • 删除所有的空格、制表符和回车
  • *NEW* Remove hyphens (‐)
  • *NEW* Remove hyphens (‐), dashes (‒, –, —, ―) and minus sign (−, -)
  • *NEW* Add prefix
  • *NEW* Add suffix
  • 将错误插入的回车更改为 无, 空格
  • 更改回车为 无, 单回车, 双回车, 空格, 缩进 (空格), 缩进 (制表符), 缩进 (自定义), <p> 标签, [img] 标签, 标签 (自定义) - add prefix and suffix to each line
  • 删除文本前后的空格
  • 更改大小写为 智能大写, 首字母大写, 全体小写, 全体大写
  • 更改引号 (单引号改双引号, 双引号改单引号)
  • 删除单引号
  • 删除双引号
  • 删除项目符号
  • 删除回复引号
  • 删除HTML标签, JavaScript
  • 插入你的模式 (删除, 查找)
  • *NEW* 查找 - 替换 (unlimited)
  • *NEW* Insert your pattern (regular expression) to new Find - Replace table
  • *NEW* Run in the background - hide menu bar & hide Dock icon - click on TCleaner Pro to activate Preferences
  • *NEW* Option to disable automatically clear formatting in Excel


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Only for Mac

TCleaner Pro is built with the most modern macOS technology

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Modern OS

We always enjoy new technologies and looking forward to experiment and implement it in TCleaner Pro

Arc 64 Bit

Built From the ground with the most modern api to increase performance and reliability

Energy Saving

TCleaner Pro support App Nap, optimized for minimal power consumption

macOS 10.9 或更高版本. Ready for macOS Monterey

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We take your privacy very seriously. TCleaner Pro does NOT have access to the internet in any way. All copied information after changes is sent back to the clipboard and TCleaner Pro NEVER store or save any copied information.

What People are Saying

  • huge timesaver
    I've been looking forever for a clipboard tool to remove formatting (have been using the web based text mechanic for too long) and just stumbled across TCleaner Pro for mac's exactly what i was searching for and more. it's lightweight and full featured, with more options than I'll probably ever need. thank you!
  • acyeager [translate]
  • Wow
    I have looked for ages for an easy to use menu-based app to remove hard returns from copied text. This app works flawlessy! Worth the money.
  • Lindy357 [translate]
  • Fantastic time saver
    I absolutely love this app. It cleans up all the extra formatting junk when you copy from PDFs, websites or Word documents. I especially love the clipboard clean up feature. Copy to clipboard, hit the keyboard shortcut for clipboard cleanup and paste the cleaned text. No more pasting to text edit and cleaning things manually. Customizeable find and replace patterns are also very helpful. On top of that the developer is very responsive. I emailed him asking how to clean up a particular pattern that I have to deal with often. He replied me with a customized search and replace pattern and on top of that updated the app to handle that automatically in the future.Fantastic app if you do a lot of copy-pasting of formatted text!
  • My nick is already taken [translate]
  • Exactly what I have been looking for.
    Thank you! The high degree of customizability is exactly what I am looking for. Now I can easily copy to clipboard, automatically remove hard returns, and paste. I can even disable the statistics feedback screen if I want.
  • Pergunar [translate]
  • Great utility and incredible support
    This is a great application, very useful and the support is really incredible and fast
  • HSPA [translate]
  • Very useful application and super fast support
  • Simon-W [translate]
  • A lightweight and very easy-to-use utility specially made to help you remove text formatting, hyperlinks, unwanted spaces and tabs form the copied text snippets
  • George Popescu [translate]
  • 제가 딱 필요한 시기에 맞춰 출시되었네요.
    이런 프로그램이 필요해서 검색하다 우연히 얼마전에 맥 앱스토어에 올라와서 구입했습니다. 아직 버그가 있기는 하지만 문제점을 개발자에게 이메일로 보내니 하루만에 문제점을 해결해 주더라고요. 지금 버전은 문제가 약간 있지만 며칠내로 업데이트가 올라올 듯 합니다. 개발자의 열정에 별 5개 드립니다.
  • best2378 [translate]

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