Player for YouTube

TubeG Player for YouTube helps you watch your favorite movies, conferences or walkthrough browser-free. With extensions you can click to open it in new, small window with native player. Available for Mac OS X 10.9 or later

TubeG Release Notes

TubeG 2.6.3

Released on February 2nd 2017
  • Improved parser

TubeG 2.6.2

Released on June 27th 2016
  • Added remember last used aspect ratio
  • Improved loading new resolution
  • Improved parser

TubeG 2.6.1

Released on March 5th 2016
  • Added Play/Pause global shortcut
  • Added preloading faster video before loading video with star (*)
  • Added show the video window on top after click on the menu bar
  • Added additional explain when loading video (default quality higher than HD720p)
  • Added current and loading resolution to the title bar
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

TubeG 2.6

Released on February 18th 2016
  • Added support for more resolutions - HD4320p (8K), HD2160p (4K), HD1440p, HD1080p and 60 FPS
  • Added Aspect Ratio submenu (Default, 4:3, 14:9, 16:9, 21:9)
  • Added dark theme
  • Added volume slider (right click menu)
  • Added new preference - "60 FPS"
  • Added new preference - "Keep on top while Playing"
  • Redesigned video window - looks the same, but everything has been rewritten to better handle auto show & hide title bar, show active window and now it works better in El Capitan
  • Fixed actual size and the volume button in the Floating style for some specific videos (from Vimeo)
  • Fixed alpha value in menu after load another video
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

TubeG 2.5

Released on November 17th 2015
  • Added support for YouTube time URL (?t=)
  • Added 2 items to Video Menu (when inactive) and Window Menu: "Show/Hide Menu Bar Window", "Open Video (Paste URL)"
  • Faster animation - show popover
  • Improved parser (YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook)

TubeG 2.4

Released on October 13th 2015
  • Ready for OS X El Capitan
  • Added third parser with support more popular pages (Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, CNN and more than 500 other...)
  • Added new Quick Tour
  • Added toolbar with 2 sections to Preferences
  • Added open popover when click on Dock icon
  • Added close popover panel after paste URL
  • Added video menu to global menu bar
  • Added tips to Dock icon in Preferences
  • Added other info to quality (video window - right click menu) when not found normal resolution
  • Added possibility to trigger shortcuts with command
  • Added open preferences panel with shortcut [Command + ,] in video window
  • Added more localisation to preferences
  • Improved main parser
  • Now popover shows on the Full Screen apps
  • Fixed related resize window
  • Fixed minimum window size when selected option "Original size"
  • Fixed disappearing preferences window after hide Dock icon
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

TubeG 2.3.4

Released on May 20th 2015
  • Changed transparent (alpha)
  • Improved all animations
  • Improved parser
  • Better handle errors in related videos - empty videos
  • Clear errors when found some items
  • Fixed save volume when load new video to old window
  • Fixed show window position (broken by last changes)
  • Fixed click on empty related videos

TubeG 2.3.3

Released on April 20th 2015
  • Added right click to related videos (play, share)
  • Added refresh player window after change Preferences
  • Added actual state messages to player window
  • Added Preferences option: "Show the video window after loading video”
  • Changed title in related videos (now it's better readable)
  • Improved resize window with gesture (without black bars)
  • Improved related videos
  • Improved popover opening animation
  • Parser improvements for slower networks
  • Fixed preferences window - open one instance
  • Fixed opacity when value is out from 0-100
  • Fixed notification bug
  • Fixed age restricted videos without sign in

Safari extension 1.5

Released on March 09th 2015
  • Added right click menu item - "Open in TubeG" (works with TubeG and TubeG Pro)

TubeG 2.3.2

Released on February 26th 2015
  • Improvement parser
  • Improvement memory management
  • Other small improvements

TubeG 2.3.1

Released on February 4th 2015
  • Added share menu in video window
  • Added notification to function "stay popover on top for drag and drop"
  • Added possibility to open second view when get YouTube error
  • Changed button (icon)
  • Player and parser improvements
  • Better handle errors
  • Other small improvements

TubeG 2.3

Released on January 7th 2015
  • Added global shortcut to open popover (window) - Preferences
  • Added Preferences option - Open in Full Screen mode after open window
  • Added tips window
  • Added control volume with scroll wheel and trackpad (scroll - 2 fingers vertically)
  • Added resize video window with trackpad (pinch)
  • Added tool tip with title to related videos
  • Changed auto hide title bar after 3 sec with auto play
  • Added shortcut: Return to normal speed - Command + Down arrow
  • Changed shortcut: slow forward/rewind - Command + Right/Left arrow (increase and decrease the playback speed by steps)
  • Better handle errors
  • Player and parser improvements
  • Other small improvements

TubeG Pro 3.0 (first release)

Released on November 14th 2014

After year we introduce TubeG Pro with search, playlists and more... Check TubeG Pro Demo, TubeG Pro Full Release Notes

TubeG 2.2

Released on November 14th 2014
  • Ready for OS X Yosemite
  • Updated look
  • Added related at the end of movie
  • Fixed vevo support
  • Small bugfixes and improvements

TubeG 2.1.2

Released on July 24th 2014
  • Added Firefox extension
  • Fixed support for Vevo on YouTube

TubeG 2.1.1

Released on July 17th 2014
  • Added new option in preferences "Quit application after last window closed" (app open automatically with extension and quit after last window closed)
  • Fixed opacity after update and fixed opening windows with extensions

TubeG 2.1

Released on July 11th 2014

  • Single window option in preferences
  • Change default opacity in preferences
  • Shortcuts for opacity: „i” -5% and „o” +5%

  • In second view added shortcuts, fullscreen, opacity, stay on top, shadow, open in browser...

TubeG 2.0

Released on June 17th 2014

  • more videos support (vevo, live streaming, possibility to enter mp4 video url)
  • beautiful & clean title bar (auto show/hide)
  • player controls style in preferences (3 options)
  • custom seek time in preferences
  • original size in preferences & right click menu
  • aspect ratio when resize in preferences & right click menu
  • shortcuts (slow forward +0.1x/+0.5x, fast forward +2x, slow rewind -0.1x/-0.5x, fast rewind -2x) with (command/option/shift) + left/right arrow
  • option in preferences (stay popover on top for drag and drop)
  • localizations (French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish)
  • window position with more than one monitor
  • stay on top (follow active screen)
  • shortcuts
  • better memory management after close window

TubeG 1.4

Released on March 7th 2014
  • Added video support for other sites with simple mp4 url (e.g. videos in
  • Added video title and author in title bar for YouTube
  • Fixed changes YouTube API
  • Fixed bug in preferences

TubeG 1.3.2

Released on December 18th 2013
  • Added new icon
  • Added possibility to hide dock icon
  • Better security
  • Fixed problem with extensions

TubeG 1.3

Released on December 13th 2013
  • Added support for new YouTube share url
  • Added right click menu
  • Added possibility to fast change quality
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added bigger skin to full screen mode
  • Added more options
  • Fixed menubar
  • Fixed full screen mode

TubeG 1.2

Released on November 13th 2013
  • Added support for more web pages using extensions
  • Rendering improvement
  • Fixed helper
  • Fixed little bug with menubar icon

TubeG 1.1 (first release)

Released on November 5th 2013

First release (changed to native interface)

TubeG 1.0

Rejected on October 20th 2013

First release rejected due to use of WebView