TCleaner Pro - Easy change clipboard to plain text

TCleaner Pro is a practical utility program to process text. It converts copied text into plain text, remove hard returns, bullets, quotes, tabs, multiple spaces, fix wrong inserted returns, change case and more... All you need to do is select your custom profile and then just copy and paste, TCleaner Pro does the rest. Available for Mac OS X 10.8 or later. Ready for OS X El Capitan.

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TCleaner Pro Release Notes

TCleaner Pro 3.1.1

Released on December 29th 2015
  • Little improvement: select next text field with tab

TCleaner Pro 3.1

Released on October 14th 2015
  • Ready for OS X El Capitan
  • New icon
  • Changed: counting the clipboard in a better way
  • Fixed: the currently selected tab in the toolbar

TCleaner Pro 3.0

Released on July 8th 2015
  • Added run in the background - hide menu bar & hide Dock icon - click on TCleaner Pro to activate Preferences
  • Added option to disable automatically clear formatting in Excel (fixed problem with cut and copy - paste in Office 2016)
  • Added table for your substitutions (Find - Replace)
  • Added possibility to insert your pattern (regular expression) to new Find - Replace table
  • Added prefix
  • Added suffix
  • Now it's faster - changed engine to run in background thread (no beach ball with big copy - paste changes) - better than Pages can handle
  • Added Release Notes view
  • Changed Tips view (Quick Tour) - deleted web view

TCleaner Pro 2.3

Released on December 13th 2014
  • Added Remove hyphens (‐)
  • Added Remove hyphens (‐), dashes (‒, –, —, ―) and minus sign (−, -)
  • Added Tips window
  • Bug fixes

TCleaner Pro 2.2.2

Released on November 24th 2014
  • Fixed 10.7 Lion support

TCleaner Pro 2.2

Released on November 15th 2014
  • Ready for OS X Yosemite
  • Added profiles (multiple configurations)
  • Added stay on top
  • Changed icon
  • Small bugfixes and improvements

TCleaner Pro 2.1

Released on July 09th 2014

  • new function: Change wrong inserted returns to (none, space) to fix paragraphs
  • in "Change returns to" new options: indent (space), indent (tab), indent (custom), <p> tag, [img] tag, tag (custom)
  • in "Remove HTML tags" new option: JavaScript (to clean document from all HTML and JavaScript code)
  • auto save for all text fields
Fixed functions:
  • sort, statistics (count paragraphs) and change returns

TCleaner Pro 2.0 (Text Cleaner Pro -> TCleaner Pro)

Released on May 28th 2014

We received a claim, so we had to change the name, because there is a "similar" app in production almost 20 years (with a very bad opinions). We did not know it before, so the new application name is "TCleaner Pro". We apologize for any inconvenience caused by change of the application name.

Text Cleaner Pro 2.0

Released on May 14th 2014

  • Sort: A-Z (Aa-Zz/aA-zZ), Z-A (zZ-aA/Zz-Aa), A-Z (aA-zZ), Z-A (Zz-Aa), A-Za-z, z-aZ-A, Reverse, Random
  • Remove duplicates (Return, ".", ". ", ",", ", ", ";", "; ", " " (tab), Custom separator)
  • Statistics (Chars, Spaces, Words, Paragraphs)
  • 4-10 Find & Replace
  • Searching for hard space in 6 functions


Text Cleaner Pro 1.0 (first release)

Released on March 12th 2014

At the beginning "Text Cleaner" was to be used only for clear formatting from clipboard, but we got a lot of emails to add different functionality, so the official release was delayed and we decided to add "Pro".